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Use these handy tips to make the most  of your Connect Brazil listings.


Maximize your Connect Brazil listings with these tips plus a special offer

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Welcome! You’re off to a great start with your Listing page. Here’s how to make it better.

Connect Brazil’s Directory can deliver outstanding organic search results by giving you full control over every SEO aspect for your page: Titles, Meta tags, even your keywords. These powerful tools can improve your SERP, while supporting rankings for your website and other website which reference you.

Discounted price: $25.00. Please reply to to schedule your listing today.


Here are a few tips and ideas for each field (from top to bottom):


Listing Title: Use your business name here. 


Categories: This is where your listing will organically appear in our Directory. Select the maximum categories allowed for your Listing level.


Disable claim feature: Check this box.


Summary Description: Paid listing levels may include this 250-character text field where you can include your top-ranked keywords.


Description: Paid listing levels may include this longform text field where you can tell your story, your way.


Keywords for search: Words visitors would use when searching Connect Brazil’s Directory. Your business name is a good place to start. This is an important field.


Contact Information: Don’t want to share your address? Leave the ‘Address’ and Address 2’ fields blank, but complete fields for Country, State, City and a general zip code for reference. (i.e. Chicago might be 60601).


Features, Hours: Paid listing levels may include these fields for additional information related to your business.


SEO: stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. These fields are very important for your search visibility, especially with mobile. “You can ignore SEO, but SEO won’t ignore you.”

Check the ‘SEO Title’ and ‘Page Name’ fields for spelling errors and correct them both here and in the ‘Listing Title’.

‘SEO Keywords’ are critical for organic (non-paid) page rankings for your website and other online sites which reference you. ‘Description’ is what people see when they find you in a search engine and should reflect your top-ranked keywords.



Image Gallery: Images not only make your Listing page look great, they also play an important role with SERP. Click the blue pencil icon next to an image to add a Image Tile (Caption) and Image Description (a five word ‘defining’ phrase). Do this for all Gallery images included for your Listing level.

Paid listing levels may also include a Cover Image.


Video: If video is included for your Listing level, include the link and a short SEO supportive description.


Attach Additional File: Paid listing levels may also include this field for a PDF or other type of downloadable document.



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